Positive feedback…

I have never seen such an app and I’ve tested many note taking apps(ios notes,notion,onenote,simplenote,joplin,standard notes,zoho,nebo etc). It has all the features someone will need FOR FREE. You can buy the app and get more features for a year and when new adds on roll out you can contribute again.or you can use it free for the rest of your life!!!My only wish for this app is to continue to exist for many many years because I don’t want to check any other app from now on. I have installed Agenda for a few days and I’m migrating ALL of my notes to it from notion,onenote,apple notes. I am testing syncing with dropbox and icloud now. I will use it a month and I will definitely buy it.

Keep up the good work,you have my support!!!

PS; if I’ve posted on a wrong topic please excuse me,it is my first post here…

Greetings to all of the community from Greece


Thanks Venos!

We appreciate the positive feedback. Nice to get that sometimes. Makes it all worthwhile.


I had the same experience. I’ve moved everything to Agenda as well. I am amazed at the cleanliness and ease of use of this app. It is so intuitive that I almost know what the control does before I use it? Who is you UX designer… give that person a raise!


Thank you so much for sharing!

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