Pinning for Top 3 Priorities of the day

I used to use a journal for daily and weekly planning. Now, the agenda app has converted me to my computer. I love it! But I wish there was a way to prioritize the “Today” and “On the Agenda” section so that you see the most important tasks at the top of the page.

I use to have top 3 things that HAD TO BE DONE on the top of my list in my journal, it made my objectives clear. Has anyone discovered how to do this, or a way around it to do somehting similar?

On iOS I drag & drop the items in Today and On The Agenda into the order I want them to appear, so I imagine the same thing ought to work on the computer :crossed_fingers::blush:

Another suggestion is to use tags like #priority in your notes and create a smart overview for it (search for #priority in Search All, then save as a smart overview – this is a premium feature). You can even do things as:


And search specifically for one of these or all “priority” tags.