Picture type selection menu

I ported picture and took a couple pictures, wanted to rename the pictures and then wanted to select thumbnail +name to have the entered in the note. I can not get the menu to come up so I can make these entries and selections
I am also interested in beta testing iPadOS

What happened: not able to get the menu to activate

What I expected: pop op menu needs to show up it did not

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

If you have an attachment in Agenda on iOS, just tap down and hold on the attachment. A screen should appear. A short tap will show a preview.

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Drew, thanks for the quick response. I have tried your suggestion to get the action menu to show up but I can’t get it to work on either the phone or the iPad. Any other suggestions. Also I got your invite for the beta testing on IOS but what I really want is to test iPadOS. Thanks

From RJW

It seems that this is due to a bug on the latest iPadOS beta, we’re investigating why it doesn’t work.

I fixed this today. Will be in 7.0.2 which hopefully will come in the next day or two.

TestFlight should work on iPhone and iPad. We don’t have any way to distinguish. I think you can just use it in both devices, provided you are using the iCloud account we signed you up with.