Permanent visibility of left and right sidebar at (but not only) launching Agenda


I think that it should be adjustable to set one (or both) sidebars as permanent. When I launch Agenda, I see this:

I would be glad for this view after launching Agenda:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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What size device is that? A 12.9 inch iPad?

Yes, it’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro

We currently don’t try to restore the state at launch, given the 12.9 inch is the only iOS device where it makes sense to do so we didn’t give it a very high priority. We’ll do our best to add it in the not too distant future though.

One note I forgot: when I slide from right to left to invoke right sidebar in Agenda, I often invoke app from Slide Over:

One simple way is not to drag from the sides but instead simply swipe the middle pane to the left or right.

Thanks, it works

I’m another 12.9 inch iPad user and also would appreciate it if the sidebars remembered their status (in or out) when Agenda was last used. If it could be differentiated by device that would be even more cool!