Pasting of URL still shows “https://" if it was over selected text

What I did: I selected text before pasting an URL

What happened: the URL was pasted, including https://

What I expected: https:// is usually stripped. this is a super minor cosmetic bug, but filing it for consistency

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
version 5.5 on Mac

Did the https never disappear at all? Was there a space on each side of the pasted link? Can you perhaps send a screenshot so we can see exactly what the situation is?

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i’m unable to replicate the bug, unless there was no space on at least one side of the pasted link (i.e. selecting “foo” from “foobar”). and it makes sense in the case of foo selecting foobar.

i’m only 80% certain that there was space on both sides of the selected text, and i can’t replicate that right now. i will post again in the future with screenshots if i can replicate it, maybe consider this closed for now. sorry!

Thanks! Let us know if you see it again.