Pasting links change to page title and then back again

What I did:
I just had to paste in a lot of links. This has happened before fairly frequently, but pasting in dozens of links highlighted the problem.

What happened:
After pasting in a link, it will turn into the title, which is the desired outcome. But it will often revert within a second or two back to the url. I’ll have to delete it and paste it in again to try to get it to stick. It seems that hitting a couple return after the link will help it stick, but not always.
What I expected:
I expect that once it turns to a title it will stay that way
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I’ve only tested this on a mac

Which version are you using? And can you send me a screencast showing the issue?

how do I send you a screencast? Which email address? I’m using the latest version of Agenda - 16. And the last update of Monterey. But it’s been doing this since at least 15 - that’s when I started using Agenda again. It’s just that I had a need to paste in about 20 links and at least half of them exhibited this behavior.

Is this with the 16.0 or 16.1 beta? If you could send it to that would be great.

Version 16.0 (259) - Mac App Store

It just happened again with a couple youtube videos. I’m surprised that this hasn’t been reported and that you aren’t able to replicate it. It happens quite frequently for me.

This is a known bug in 16.0. Sorry for the trouble.

Version 16.1 has a fix, and should be out later this week.

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