Parsing sync files

Hello, I’ve been using Dropbox sync to synchronize my Agenda notes, and I was wondering what format the sync data was in, and if there’s any way to parse it—I’d love to be able to develop extensions on top of Agenda by parsing the sync files.

Even just the name of the interface / DB (i.e. Realm) used for generating the sync files would be a great help. Thanks!

Unfortunately the data we put in dropbox isn’t meant to be parsed and it would be very brittle to build anything on top. To satisfy the curious, they are key value pair change sets of the model object property changes per project.

Does that apply to the .agenda files that can be exported?

I got curious yesterday about treying to use Siri Shortcuts to parse the file to generate linkbacks that include the note name automatically, like a 1 stop share step.

We don’t officially support messing with Agenda files, but I think you could easily reverse engineer a .agenda and modify/generate it. Just zipped JSON etc.

Didn’t realise it was zipped, maybe that’s why shortcuts kept crashing :slight_smile:

I want to parse the synced files in Dropbox too!
What I want is read these files and convert to markdown programmatically, including the images.

At this point in time, I don’t think this would be pleasant to do. The data is not in a form that can be readily used like that. It is not simply text files with images, it is a complex sync format.

We do have some ideas about sharing text files with systems like Dropbox. Stay tuned for that.