OS Specific Calendars



i didn’t realize the calendars enabled on the OS determine what shows on the side bar. this inconsistency is strange between ios and macos but i can see how it’s leveraging the system calendar rules not account rules. this begs the question: what happens to items on the agenda or linked to events when viewed on one device where certain calendars are enabled vs other devices where calendars are disabled.

i’d like a profile with an overview of what my various devices are syncing to. it doesn’t require re-architecting on the part of Agenda –– which obviously is intended to tie right into the apple ecoysystem by reading those settings –– but it would help me, as a user, identify my account “health”.

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The information is in the library and the notes etc should still be displayed. However, if the linked calendar event is not on the device it won’t show in the side panel, nor can you jump from Agenda to the Calendar app to show the event. The link is preserved however so that if you sync or move again to a device that has the event, the above all still works.