Option to keep sidebars open on iOS instead of always closing

Thanks for considering

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You mean on iPhone?

iPad primarily. Every time I open the app I need to manually open the project list and calendar sidebars.


I see, we’ll see if this can be improved, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! Another thing comes to mind is that I often use Agenda in popover split view when I need to webconference via Skype, which doesn’t do split view. For whatever reason, when closing the popover, it often scrolls down to a different random note, and usually will at least lose cursor position. I’m often on scheduled back-to-back calls all day initiated by Skype calling my phone, so I’m using Skype even if not webconferencing. So, workflow many times each day is to slide out popover in Today view, command T to see calendar, new note linked to event, pick project, start typing above meeting info. When I close the popover, It can seemingly scroll down to any random note in Today view, requiring me to find my way back to the top (would love a keyboard shortcut). Often, if not webconferencing, I’ll go full-screen, and then each time I’ll need to re-open the sidebars. Small things, but now that I’ve made this a core part of my workflow, I’m running into small details like this that add up over the day. Thanks for the great app. FYI, I subscribe to Bear, Drafts, and Ulysses, so it was not easy for Agenda to displace these plus my Moleskine as my primary meeting notetaker. It’s great. I do have a lot of minor suggestions for refinement, but see that you already have a pretty full feature pipeline. Feel free to consider me for TestFlight though, as I’m a heavy user now on both Mac and iOS and would love to help make it better. -Ben

Thank you again for the great feedback. To help us understand better your workflow, could you perhaps create a screen recording of how you interact with Skype and Agenda together? If you could email it to alex@agenda.com that would be great.

Can I just +1 the option to pin open the sidebars on iPad. It’s really annoying having to open them again and again. It also erodes my sense of where I am within Agenda.