Option to default calendar to Today?

Agenda is the hub of my work these days - it’s where I think, plan, action, write…

I start each day with a review: I go straight to On The Agenda, and look at the notes that appear at the top:

  • My current goals
  • My plan for the week, which is also a scratch pad to capture ideas etc
  • My plan for today, where I write in the main tasks/areas I’m want to progress today.

Below these are other relevant project notes that I’m currently working on.

The problem is that as I scroll around and read these, the calendar view jumps to reflect the date of the selected note. Which is really frustrating, as one of the main things I’m doing in my ‘review phase’ is thinking about what events etc are coming up, and how that will affect what I work on today. I need to keep clicking the ‘today circle’ to get the calendar back where I need it to be.

It’s very rare that I need to look at the calendar in Agenda for the time a note was created.

I have a similar issue when I’m prepping for a meeting happening today:

  1. I navigate to my project called ‘Meetings’
  2. I look at the calendar. It is now focused on the date of the last meeting, because the most recent meeting note is selected in the main Agenda screen.
  3. I click ‘today circle’ to re-focus on today.
  4. I select the upcoming meeting that I’m prepping for and click to create an associated note
  5. I go to the new note and do what I need to do to prep.

I’d love it if I could choose in prefs to have the calendar stay on Today unless I explicitly ask it to move! Eg by navigivating in the calendar panel, or by (new feature) clicking on the date in the note and selecting ‘focus calendar on note date’ or similar.

In the meeting example, that would make the process much more fluid.

In the case of my daily review, it would reduce frustration and distraction - which no needs at the start of the day!

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You can do this already by setting a filter on the calendar:

  1. tap the calendar icon above the calendar in the inspector

  2. select “Today” in the presets (or other day or day range you want to focus on)

  3. click Filter in the bottom right

This will fix the calendar on the selected day until you clear the filter.


Good reminder. But am I right that tomorrow I’ll need to reset the filter because today will now be yesterday?!

I believe the filter should be relative to today (i.e. should still be “today” tomorrow), but let me know if this is not the case.

That’s not the case. Filtering locks to a specific date, so if I filter “Today” on the 18th, then when the date changes to the 19th the sidebar will still show the 18th.

Personally I haven’t had a problem with that - it gives me a sense of when I was last paying attention to a specific day (I use multiple computers and so might not look at one for a few days). It only takes a couple seconds to update to today. I can see how others would prefer it to be a relative lock to “today” though. I don’t have a strong preference either way and would be just fine with the current behavior, or if it changed to relative date.

Yes, I’ve noticed that and find it annoying!

Does it make a difference if in that case you pick the “today” preset in the right list of presets, vs selecting today in the calendar itself?

Assuming this is what you’re referring to, then I’m 99% sure that’s what I’ve done in the past. But I definitely did it today and will follow up with you tomorrow.


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Cheers, that’s what I meant indeed.

Yesterday I said “I’ll follow up with you tomorrow.” Tomorrow is now today, but today is still yesterday!

(on 10/20 I selected “today” in the filter. On 10/21 the sidebar is still filtered to 10/20)

Thanks for confirming, we’ll take a look.