Opening to note in “on the agenda” instead of in the project

I love quick open, but something seems to have changed now when I use it or click on a link to an Agenda note (usually in Omnifocus).

At least for links, when you clicked, it always opened up in the project. Now, if I quick open or follow a link, it opens up in the “On the Agenda” overview instead of the project. I would prefer it to go to the project.

The biggest immediate problem is related to a minor bug, that causes Agenda to not scroll far enough down to actually show a note when I jump to it sometimes. This happens in large projects but I’m used to that. Here, though, it throws me off. Like, just now, I clicked on a link in OF to an Agenda note about changing out our wifi devices and wound up looking at a note about changing the light above my kitchen sink (tricky fixture). For a moment, I stared at it feeling like you do when you walk into a room and can’t remember why you’re there. If I landed in the right project, even if it’s the wrong note, at least I know why I’m there.

However, I generally want to be in the project, anyway. So, what used to be a one step process now takes a lot more — click the link, reorient yourself, navigate to the project, and scroll to the note you wanted. I don’t always need or bother to go to the project, but that’s where I prefer to be.

Can you at least give me the option of landing in the project instead? Thanks.

Using Agenda all the time… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback and getting in touch, the behaviour Agenda applies is that it will try to stay where you currently are, so if you’re on the agenda it will stay there if the note is currently visible on the Agenda. If not, or if you’re in a different project it will jump to the note’s project. Previously we got a lot of complaints about jumping away from On the Agenda if the note is there already so the current behaviour makes most sense in our opinion.

The bigger issue is the bug you mention, we’ll try to fix that one so the jumping leaving you still on the Agenda is no longer a problem.

Sounds good. Thanks.

I might make sure I’m on a project before opening a note for now. I’ve alsoo been taking things off the agenda, anyway; I have too many things tthere, anyway; lol.