On the Agenda for Notes; what about In Focus for Projects?

It would be great to have something equivalent to On the Agenda for projects, perhaps In Focus? I’d find this useful to reduce visual clutter and cognitive overload.

If I know that I’m going to be working on Project X this morning, I could bring Project X Into Focus and all other notes dissappear. Because I actually use Projects as sub-projects a lot of the time, it would be good to be able to bring Projects X1 and X3 into Focus.

Then after lunch I’ll work on Project Z and just have that in focus.

The Focus should be a persistent state (like On the Agenda), that could be toggled on and off via the project list. Searches could be restricted to notes within the In Focus projects, to make searching faster and easier. Related notes would similarly only show notes within In Focus projects, unless one clicked a ’show all’ item.

Does this make any sense? Useful to anyone else?


We have some thoughts in this direction, stay tuned.