Offer choice of going to note OTA or in its Project

I make frequent use of links from one note to another.

In OTA I have:

  • at the top: a note for the priorities for the week, including links to relevant notes. (“Plan for w/c [date]”
  • then: a note about what I’m going to do today. (Plan for [day])
  • below them: notes from projects that I have marked as OTA because I want to refer to them frequently. These are often a ‘home’ or ‘overview’ note for a project, giving me an at a glance overview of what’s important, deadlines etc.

When I’m planning each day, I work from the Weekly Plan, and these Overview notes. I’m in OTA and scroll up and down, reading and deciding what I’m going to focus on, and writing my plan for the day in my Plan for Today note.

I sometimes want to jump to a specific note OTA, and here’s the problem - if I click on the link I’ve created in my Plan for the Week, it opens the linked note in its Project. It would be much smoother, for my use case, if clicking the link simply jumped to the linked note OTA.

Perhaps this could be an open in prefs?

If I do want to see the linked note in the context of the other notes in its project, I can simply click ’show in project’.

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Good point, we’ll try to make it work such that if the note you want to jump to is already visible in the overview that it wouldn’t jump to the project. We do this already in some similar situations. I’ll add it to my list.


+1 would be very very useful