Numbered list bug

When inserting a quote in between a numbered list, the sequence should not be interrupted (back to “1.”) especially not if the user manually writes the list line number, a period and a space, no matter how short or long (paragraphs) the inserted quote is.

Thank you.

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Not really a bug. It is how all the note taking apps work.

Word processors like Word and Pages offer more control, but at the cost of being more “fiddly”. We are aiming to make editing very fast, so Agenda handles the numbering, and will terminate a list when it sees a paragraph of a different kind. This is usually what people want. You don’t want the list numbering running right through your long note, even in unrelated parts.

Appreciate the feedback, but for now we will keep it this way. Perhaps we can figure out some easy way to indicate the list should continue in future.

Hi @drewmccormack.

I just wanted to second @joseantoniolopezpaye regarding this (also mentioned by @ovan in Numbered lists, consecutive numbering). I do understand that your focus is on speed and simplicity. However, I really do feel that this is important to have as an option. I would like to use numbered lists more often but because of this lack of flexibility, I have to resort to bullet lists.

My scenario example of what I would like to do:

  1. Text
  2. Text:
    Preformatted text related to the above text
  3. Text
    Preformatted text related to the above text
  4. Text

Currently in Agenda points 3 and 4 would reset to 1. Thank you for listening to our feedback. I just think this would be a nice and useful capability to add to Agenda and I don’t believe it would be significantly detrimental to speed or simplicity/ease of use. Thank you! :blush::pray:

Can you tell me how you would like this to work? I can see in the example above that you would prefer to treat the preformatted text as if it continues the item (BTW you could possibly use inline style with a “soft return”: CTRL-return). But what about if that wasn’t preformatted, but body text? Should it break? It seems it must, really.

So are you asking for some sort of automated numbering that somehow determines that the numbers should continue, or are you asking for a button or setting like “continue numbering” which you could turn on?

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Hi @drewmccormack, thank you for taking into account or feedback.

I am not exactly sure what might be the best way forward, but possibly a button/toggle (right-click), that gives us the option either to start the numbers from 1 or continue from the previous number. I see this maybe as being a little more finicky on the iOS. On MacOS the toggle would be a right-click away.

Yes, since I cannot have 2 different styles within 1 sentence or paragraph, what I basically wish to do is have bullet Number 1 in line 1 explain something that refers to a line of code which I have in preformatted style and in line 2.

This actually reminds me of another “wishlist” / feedback item: it would be cool if we could add preformatted text within a normal body/list sentence/paragraph. But if I had to choose, I would prioritize/choose the ability to continue numbers in a list over the preformatted style in a line.

I am going to try the “soft return” that you mentioned.

Thanks again! :blush:

Please note that we have a “fixed width” inline style that is effectively preformatted inside body paragraph (or other). Please give that a shot.

We will try to come up with a way to “continue” the numbering.

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Hi @drewmccormack, thank you for taking in our feedback and for continuously being open to improve an already great application - Agenda. :+1:

Quick question, can you please help clarify:

Or point me to a link regarding this?

I tried creating a regular body paragraph. Then I selected a word within that body paragraph and selected “preformatted” – the whole paragraph became preformatted. Should I have just seen the selected word as preformatted? Thanks! :pray:

Don’t select “Preformatted”, select “Fixed Width”. That is in the section with Inline Styles such as Bold and Italic.

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Awesome - thank you for explaining @drewmccormack . I like the “Fixed Width” inline style – very cool! :+1:

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