Now available: 2.6 beta



Please read these instructions on how to join the beta program if you’d like to get early access.


  • It is now possible to edit the displayed date label in the calendar popover as a way to quickly jump to a given date. Both absolute dates (e.g. “22 jan 2018”) and relative dates (e.g. “in two weeks”, or “next tuesday”) are supported (see screenshot below).

  • Agenda now restores the previously selected project and focused note when starting the application.

  • Clicking the category headings in the projects sidebar now toggles between their collapsed/expanded state, as does clicking the header of the recently edited/related notes sections in the related panel.

  • We added an item to the Note menu to remove the assigned date from a note directly without the need to go through the calendar popover.

  • Starting a paragraph with three tickmarks will change the style to preformatted.


  • The details that are automatically imported from Calendar events when creating a new note are cleaner and no longer include dial-in details for meetings.

  • When copying a note or the selected text from a note, the plain text copied now contains the complete URLs (even when displayed in shorter form inside Agenda).

  • Agenda now automatically shortens Facebook, LinkedIn, and WikiPedia links, while also being less aggressive when it comes to hiding URL parameters that can contain valuable information. Non-web URLs no longer hide the URL scheme.

  • Today’s date is now better visible in the calendar popovers.

  • Agenda now supports an additional URL scheme, agenda-notes, that can be used on systems where the default agenda URL scheme opens the system calendar app. To learn more about x-callback-url’s and how you can use them to automate Agenda, see: Import, Export, Sharing, and Automation

  • Improved resolution of images in PDF print outs.

  • Various user interface tweaks and security improvements.


  • When using the light theme the show/hide button in the Projects sidebar was very difficult to see, this is now fixed.

  • More reliable behaviour of the back and forward history, and restoring of the position when switching between projects.

  • Several stability improvements.

Quickly jump to a date in the calendar by typing an absolute or relative date.


Oh, Still no function to insert images?


Almost there, but it’s a massive amount of work that is still ongoing in parallel.


"The details that are automatically imported from Calendar events when creating a new note are cleaner and no longer include dial-in details for meetings.”

I tried it with one of my meetings and it still displayed the dial-in information:

– Do not delete or change any of the following text. –

Join WebEx meeting<>

Meeting number (access code): 80324 8 3234

Join from a video system or application

  1. Dial<>

  2. Enter Meeting Number

PLEASE NOTE: Best practice is to use the above options to connect to your meeting. If you are unable to connect via web or mobile apps, an alternative option is to connect via telephone (details below).

Join by phone

+1-408-758-2328<tel:+1-408-758-998,01804998344%23%2301> United States Toll

1-855-36-0445<tel:1-855-39-0445,01804998344%23%2301> United States Toll Free

Global call-in numbers<> | Toll-free calling restrictions<>


Thanks for the example, we’ll add this one to be filtered. Can’t promise it will make it in the 2.6 but certainly in the one following


Thanks. I’m glad this feature has been added as removing them manually is a bit of a pain.


Not sure if this is a bug:
I had a note with an assigned date in a calendar. Then I deleted the events direct in the calendar as soon as thez were finished/past.
Now I can not „Unlink Calend Event“ anymore, the date is visible in the note itself.


If you delete the event in the calendar the event is unlinked and the note falls back to having the day(s) from the event assigned as regular dates (so a date does indeed remain visible). It indeed won’t offer the unlink event menu anymore (it has already been unlinked) but should instead (new in 2.6) offer the Remove Assigned Date menu option under the note menu.


Not here - the note is not anymore linked to the calendar, only „Unlink Calendar Event“ in the menu (not "Remove Assigned Date“). Maybe there is still a hidden tag for „linked to an Calendar“ inside the note?

I also can not choose „Assing to Today“ from the menu - it is gray.
A clock on the date in the note open the normal calendar window with the option to assing the note to a date.

I hope you understand what I described here … Greetings, Claus


Just updated both the iOS and OSX Apps and just realized that the feature to choose your own color scheme is not available on on the Mac but on the iOS versions.

Did I maybe overlook it?


On the Mac it is available system wide in 10.14 Mojave, you can change it under the General tab in the System Preferences.


Thanks for the speedy reply. Didn’t realize this was possible :sunglasses: