Now available: 2.5 beta


Please read these instructions on how to join the beta program if you’d like to get early access.


  • Support for handoff between Agenda for Mac and iOS (requires Agenda for iOS 2.3 or higher)
  • Added x-callback-url support for automation and integration with 3rd party software.

To learn more about x-callback-url’s and how you can use them to automate Agenda, see: Import, Export, Sharing, and Automation


  • It is now more obvious when a search or filter is active.
  • Links have a more prominent color and are therefore easier to read in dark mode.
  • Various tweaks and improvements to the dark theme.


  • Fixed print and export-to-PDF in dark mode.
  • The visible or hidden state of the related sidebar should now be restored correctly upon launching Agenda.
  • Dragged items in dark mode now have a readable title.
  • The switch popup button controlling appearance in the preference should no longer show text being grayed out.
  • The indent button in the text editor popover is working properly now.
  • The H2 and H3 touchbar buttons were still swapped. Now they are correct.
  • Various stability improvements.