Now available: 2.3 beta


Please read these instructions on how to join the beta program if you’d like to get early access.


  • Full support for touch bar on Macbook Pro


  • There is a checkbox to opt-in to our newsletter when creating an account
  • Popovers appear much faster
  • Menus are now much faster
  • Much more responsive search
  • Projects in the sidebar now correctly sort if they contain numbers in the name
  • Premium Pack prices are now shown for the local currency (Mac App Store version)
  • Resetting of an Agenda Account password is more secure, and allows you to choose the new password
  • You can use Shift-Enter or Option-Enter in addition to CTRL-Enter to insert a line break
  • Pasting text will remove empty lines
  • Pinned notes that are selected have a new look
  • You can right click notes and projects to get an Agenda Link
  • New note created for a calendar event now honour the Mark New Notes as On the Agenda preference
  • Various improvements to make the Mac and iOS app more consistent.


  • Fixed an issue where editing on two different devices without a regular sync could leave paragraphs out of order
  • Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances, you could end up with two copies of the sample data
  • An extra new line is added after any list when exporting as Markdown
  • Stability improvements for text editing
  • Words are now properly recognized in languages without spaces (eg Chinese). This fixes issues with search
  • When typing long lines of Chinese and other languages with an input manager, the note now properly resizes as you type
  • A numbered list with nested checklist will now be labelled correctly
  • Right clicking in the text editor now will not change the selection. This was leading to issues
  • Deleting multiple characters now properly resizes the note. Previously, the note would only resize on a further change.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty line could not be turned into a checklist item.
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly hitting the plus button would crash Agenda.


After upgrading to Agenda MacOs 2.3, it already twice this morning that I have the problem you can see in the attached picture. And I cannot close the empty window unless I don’t shut down Agenda and restart it. Second attempt after shutdown and restart, I put a date on the next September but it continues to give me the date of Today, as you can see on the second picture I attached here.


Thanks for reporting this. We are going to look into it.


Thanks Maurizio, do you notice any actions in particular that lead to the dialog staying like that? Is it always or sometimes? Only when creating or editing events?


Hi Alex, not particularly… I tried to shut down my Mac and restart but it is always the same. If I try to create a new event appears a persistent empty window. If I shut down Agenda the window disappears but cannot make a different date than Today. It means, the same situation I already reported.


Thanks Maurizio, we’re pushing a fix, could you verify whether that fixes it (should be out today)?


Thanks Alex! Yes, sure. I am on my way to a meeting. I’ll check later and I let you know.


@maurizio.bortolotti the 2.3.1 is now available, can you see if this version fixes the issues?


Thanks Alex! I ll check as soon as I am back to my studio.


I checked right now and still 2.3 beta available, I cannot find any 2.3.1 beta so far…


Can you try once more to check for updates, it should be there


I tried right now but it doesn’t find the 2.3.1 beta…


Strange, probably a caching issue. Can you try this link?


Thank you! I downloaded the new version of Agenda you sent me with the link; I replaced it with my old Agenda version in the App folder; I opened the new one but still it says that 2.3 beta is the most updated version. Don’t know why…


There is no 2.3.1. It is still version 2.3, but with a different build number.



Okay Drew, thank you to let me know. I tried to create a new note with this new one but Agenda crashed.


Did you submit the crash report?


Yes, I did. Did you receive it?


Hi @mekentosj What I recently noticed is that if I create a new note, just writing the title and trying to set up a date Agenda crashes; if, after creating the title, I put even some text inside the note and then try to set up the date the note is created regularly and no crash. Hope this can help.


OK good to know Maurizio, that’s important info, and yes I did see the crash report.