Now available: 2.2 beta



We’ve just released beta version 2.2 candidate 2

Please read these instructions on how to join the beta program if you’d like to get early access.


  • Menu items now exist to check/uncheck all selected checklist items.
  • Menu items for text styles now show a checkmark when they match the current text selection.


  • Changed the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough. It was ⌘-S, which people use reflexively for “Save”.
  • You can now toggle back and forth between a paragraph style and body text.
  • Simplified narrative of sample data.
  • With the cursor at the first position of a list, pressing backspace now moves the list up if the previous line is empty.
  • The Agenda Community window now supports text zooming.
  • When creating a new event, the currently selected day range will be used as the default, instead of today.
  • Drag handles are now always shown when a panel is closed, to aid discovery.
  • Notes created from Google Calendar events no longer get prefilled with the verbose hangout section of the event notes.
  • The sidebar can now be made twice as large as before.
  • When creating a new project the empty first note will correctly get today’s date according to the preference setting “Assign New Notes to Today”.
  • Printed and exported PDFs now display event times in the current timezone.


  • You can now get the contextual menu of a note by right clicking in the title area.
  • The Delete Note option through the contextual menu would sometimes be greyed out, this should now always be available.
  • After closing the sidebar, added Categories and Projects would not appear in the sidebar. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed detection of links. Often the URL scheme (e.g. http://) would be left off, causing the links not to work.
  • Various fixes have been included to improve stability when animating panels, as well as after editing operations in sidebar and note list.
  • Expanding and collapsing notes is now more reliable through keyboard shortcuts.
  • Inserted links are now styled appropriately.
  • Notes could become excessively wide in some cases, and end up being clipped. This is fixed.


For the moment the Beta works fine! Happy about the large side bar! (y)


Hi, I’m the recent reviewer from app store that mentioned a bunch of these issues. Happy to see some of them in the list here! Great job finding why categories/projects won’t appear on sidebar, indeed I might’ve closed/opened it. Hoping for more “undo”-improvements.


Glad to hear that both! And thanks again for reporting these issues and helping find their cause!


We just released candidate 2, which fixes an issue with the welcome sequence, the premium button not showing and adds some additional safety checks around updating notes when a linked calendar event changes.


How do I update to the latest version?


The 2.2 update has in the mean time been released for all users. If you originally downloaded Agenda from our website you find the Check for Updates under the Agenda main menu. If you installed Agenda through the Mac App Store you can check for the update in the App Store app.