Now available: 2.1 beta



We’ve just released beta version 2.1 candidate 1.

Please read these instructions on how to join the beta program if you’d like to get early access.


  • Resize text just like a web browser (see View menu, or try the CMD+ and CMD- shortcuts)
  • Agenda now supports all available sharing extensions


  • When typing, undo snapshots are taken more often and are more predictable
  • Clicking and dragging a large selection in the editor will now automatically scroll up and down
  • Performance of the text editor is much better, especially for long notes
  • You can now authorize calendar access from the calendar popup, not just the Related Info pane
  • Better handling of errors when signing in to an Agenda Account, and purchasing premium features
  • Spelling checks and text substitutions now work much better


  • Undo of a paste could remove more than just the pasted text. This is fixed
  • The touch bar no longer shows controls that do not work with the text editor
  • Various minor cosmetic improvements
  • The dot button no longer looks bad on non-retina screens
  • Link menu now properly accounts for note pinning and sort order
  • Arrow navigation between notes now works properly when the “All Controls” keyboard navigation setting is being used in the System Preferences
  • Changing the paragraph style when it only contains a single letter now works as expected
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a list item could sometimes cause the previous item to become body text
  • Fixed an issue where superscript would show smaller a and o characters
  • Dismissing the calendar popover could sometimes leave the note in an odd selection state. This is fixed


  • Clicking the divider in the calendar picker no longer causes a crash

Wrong font when typing text after inserting emoji
Rogue project title obscuring other titles

We’ve just released beta 2 for Agenda 2.1, which should fix the issues reported when creating new projects, as well as preventing the wrong font after pasting emoji’s, and a crash upon selection changes while editing notes.


Update: We released the 2.1 update to all users today. If you use the Mac App Store version it should become available within the next 24hrs. If you use the version from our website it should be available already.