Now available: 2.0 beta



We’ve just released beta version 2.0 candidate 1.

Please be aware that you need to use this version on all your devices if you decide to test it

We’re excited to release the first two new premium features:

  • You can now pin notes to the top of a project
  • The calendars that Agenda shows can now be chosen in the Preferences


  • The calendar event lists now show all days in a multi-day range
  • There is now a maximum width for the text editor. If the window is very wide, the editor will remain a readable width
  • Notes can now be marked as done
  • Click and hold on the round “On the Agenda” button now shows a menu
  • New notes can now automatically be given today’s date. This is a preference setting.


  • Improvements to calendar event linking
  • Interface in the date popover of notes has been improved
  • You can now unlink an event using the Note menu, or from the event popover menu in the Related Info panel
  • Handling of underscores for markdown now requires a space before/after the underscore
  • The hyphen in the markdown -[] for creating a checkbox is now optional
  • Checkboxes used in the Preferences window are now more clear
  • Better handling of the case where there is no calendar
  • Using CMD-N will now show a menu if the new note could be added to multiple projects


  • Improvements to calendar event sync
  • Calendar events with no assigned time zone are now handled better. Notes will not straddle multiple days when the time zone changes
  • Jumping to the start of a line in the text editor will no longer cause a beachball
  • Markdown is now disabled inside links when pasting. Underscores were sometimes removed from links
  • Password resetting from the Agenda Community window now works
  • Notes with the same start date were prevented from being reordered. You can now reorder them
  • Using Add Link… menu item could cause a crash. This is fixed
  • Fixed an issue where large notes would not be printed in their entirety


  • Fixes for crashes caused by calendar event sync
  • Using Add Link… menu item could cause a crash. This is fixed

Now available: 1.5 beta
Now available: 1.5 beta
Now available: 1.5 beta

In this update we have focused on Calendar improvements and fixes, both in terms of UI and under the hood. We have added the possibility to select which calendars to show as our first new premium feature:

In the preferences you can now select which calendars to show events for if you have buy the premium features (and it’s also yours if you previously bought the premium features).

We also added a new look of the calendar popover and it’s now possible to view events for multiple days at once:

The new and improved date selection popover

Select and display day ranges in the related panel.


A quick note about our version numbering, i.e. why is this version called a 2.0?

As we opted for a sales model where we no longer rely on major version upgrades, but instead on a non-renewing, premium feature subscription, we decided to also adapt a different version numbering scheme.

Basically, each update that introduces new premium features will see a bump of the major version number (i.e. 2.0, 3.0, etc), while updates that only introduce bug fixes and/or new non-premium features will get a minor version number increase (i.e. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.).

With the two new premium features introduced this means Agenda now moves to version 2.0.

Agenda 2.0, with two new premium features! 🎉

I noticed this update (including the previous one) isn’t in the Canadian App store. Any reasons why?
I’d love to get all the latest updates as soon as they land! - Happy Agenda user


It’s because it’s a beta, it’s in review and when we the beta test has passed without problems it will be released to all users and become available through the Mac App Store. Hopefully in a few days if everything goes well, fingers crossed!


I am using the 2.0 beta now. There is some interesting new features but I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. it is very interesting that now you can select a period of some days on the calendar and let them appear on the right side. However, if I change view this selection disappears. For example, I am on Today view and I have selected to see the next 5 days, then I leave it to go inside a specific project view for working on that. However, when I come back to Today view this selection of 5 days is not anymore there. If I have to work for all day having as a reference what is schedule on the Today view would be great if these 5 days I have selected at the beginning of the day could remain there until I don’t decide to change my selection, or just going back to a single day calendar view. Thanks.
  2. I noticed that when I am inside a project, or Today view or Agenda, and I want to create a new event, I click the + button and the event is created inside the view I am at that moment, even if I would like to set it on another project or view. Before there was a very comfortable menu list and you could immediately put the event you were creating in the right project it belongs to, even if you were not there. Why you took away this possibility?


I don’t think anything changed in terms of filtering/searching with date ranges. That has always been available, and yes, it does clear when you select another stack.

If you want to have a place where you see the next 5 days, you can setup a search in Search All for the next 5 days, and save the search as an overview (requires premium). Then you just have to select your “Next 5 days” overview when you want to see what there is there.

As for the menu, it sometimes appears, and it sometimes doesn’t. As far as I know, that behavior is unchanged. You will see it if there are more than one projects in the list. If there is just a single project in there, the note is added to that project. So the menu only appears if there is ambiguity about where the note should go.


I hope that this would be availble to the app store soon. 1.5 is not yet available. :frowning:


I hope that this would be availble to the app store soon. 1.5 is not yet available. :frowning:

See Now available: 2.0 beta 1 above, this is essentially beta 2 for 1.5.


Thank you for the suggestion regarding "the next 5 days”.
Regarding the Menu, yes you’re right. If I am inside a specific project the new note is directly added to it; if I am on Agenda or Today view it shows a menu with all the projects to choose which project you want to add the new note.


Text replacement works randomly still (issue)


Ah cool, I re-downloaded the app and selected the option to include beta versions in my app updates and everything worked great. Thanks!


How do we get the beta version?


How do we get the beta version?


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where can I find the link to 2.0?


See Help us Beta Test Agenda, you’ll need to download Agenda from our website (not the Mac App Store) and turn on beta version update notifications in the preferences.


Update: the 2.0 has now been released through the Mac App Store and our website.


Already got an idea when we would get the possibility to put attachments into the notes or inline images?


I dont see 2.0 being offered through the Mac store…still 1.4. Is there something I have to do to access 2.0?