Now available: 1.5 beta



We’ve just released beta version 1.5 candidate 1.

Update: The 1.5 release has been superseded by the 2.0 beta 1


  • The calendar event lists now show all days in a multi-day range
  • There is now a maximum width for the text editor. If the window is very wide, the editor will remain a readable width


  • Improvements to calendar event linking
  • Interface in the date popover of notes has been improved
  • You can now unlink an event using the Note menu, or from the event popover menu in the Related Info panel
  • Handling of underscores for markdown now requires a space before/after the underscore
  • The hyphen in the markdown -[] for creating a checkbox is now optional
  • Checkboxes used in the Preferences window are now more clear
  • Better handling of the case where there is no calendar


  • Improvements to calendar event sync
  • Calendar events with no assigned time zone are now handled better. Notes will not straddle multiple days when the time zone changes
  • Jumping to the start of a line in the text editor will no longer cause a beachball
  • Markdown is now disabled inside links when pasting. Underscores were sometimes removed from links
  • Password resetting from the Agenda Community window now works
  • Notes with the same start date were prevented from being reordered. You can now reorder them


  • Fixes for crashes caused by calendar event sync
  • Using Add Link… menu item could cause a crash. This is fixed

Calendar URL Mismatched

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This mostly works, but the implementation is a little backwards. The Collection View items should have their width capped, not the Collection View itself. Yes, it means mucking with the delegate or creating a custom Collection View Layout class to handle it, but the result is better for two important reasons:

  1. The scroll bar, when visible, really should be against the right edge of the window or the containing view. Not inset from the edge in the middle of the white space you are trying to add.
  2. Scroll events won’t get sent to the collection view correctly if the mouse is outside the collection view. This creates a lot of unscrollable space on my iMac, for example. This also important for iPads, since you want the white space to be usable for scroll gestures as well (hint).

You can force scroll bars to be visible in System Preferences, which I’d recommend trying out for a bit on the app. The community window has a similar problem because the Web View is inset from the window edges. It just kinda looks bad when you use a 3rd party mouse like mine, or want to have scroll bars turned on for whatever reason.

(Note, I harp on this because I have some experience dealing with these bugs myself in my own work, call it a pet peeve)


You’re absolutely right, we’ll do our best to move to this better setup, thanks for the feedback.


You’ll be happy to hear that in the new beta the text editor now behaves as you suggested, again many thanks for the feedback!