Now available: 1.2 beta


We’ve just released beta version 1.2 candidate 1.

• Stability improvements for crashes caused by pasting, printing, linking to calendar events, and other actions
• Much better performance for scrolling
• Performance improvements in text editing
• Fixed issue with numbering in nested lists
• The search field no longer loses focus as you type
• Deleting a note with the cog button menu now works
• When premium features are purchased, the print watermark is now hidden by default
• When pasting an agenda link, you no longer get markdown format
• Support for deleting back a word, and deleting to the beginning of a paragraph
• New projects now honor the preference for whether notes should be On the Agenda
• Fixed layout issue where changing style in the paragraph popover could cause text to be cut off
• Fixed issue when cutting a list item, which could lead to two bullets
• Fixed link to Mac App Store
• Changes in About window
• Made Mac App Store purchase recover better if something goes wrong
• Changed name of app to “Agenda Notes” in Dutch
• Replaced Irene Cara with The Pointer Sisters in sample data. (Tell me you are not intrigued.)

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