Notes with Pictures



For me, pictures are really important parts of my notes. I like Agenda, but without this feature, I cannot take it as my primary note app.

There is no need, of course, to show the full image in the list. Just like Ulysses, pictures can be shown as a placeholder, when click it, you can view them.


Yes. As a practitioner, it’s my problem too.


Seems like this feature is under processing. :grinning:


It’s on the list: The features we are working on right now… and iirc it was mentioned as being work in progress in the latest newsletter.


Same problem here. I use Agenda to scribble out requirements and things to implement for my projects. So I need to include screenshots etc… Which I cannot do right now - so I use the Wiki-Functionality of gitlab which allows me to use pictures etc…

So Agenda cannot be used as my primary notes app.


Agreed. I like Agenda, but Day One is its greatest rival in my process, and images is a big factor there.



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