Notes weekly, monthly... possible?

After upgrading will it be possible to place a note weekly or monthly like in a calendar?
Thank you

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There is no special feature for this if you update.

To be clear, you can assign a week or month to a note, even in the free version of Agenda. Just drag the time period in the calendar on the note, or use SHIFT-Click on the Mac to select a range of dates.

You can also link to a calendar event that covers a week or month. This is possible even in the free version.

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Hi, thank you for your answer!

Yes, I realised by updating that there is no feature for this. Unfortunately.
I saw the possibilities to assign a week or a month, but there is actually no note or job I should be remembered every day during a week or a month, but there are some that occur once a week and this every week. So if possible in the future: it would be a big improvement to be able to organise a note weekly.
Thank you, with best wishes, Yvonne

In general, you will want to make a new note for each weekly or monthly meeting, so it is best to simply connect that new note to the event for that day. It is pretty easy to make a new note for a calendar event in the right column, so that is how I would probably do it.

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Hi Drew and thank you again.
I understand your idea very well.
But in my (work-)live I do have several notes that occur weekly or monthly NOT connecting to a event. That’s why it would be perfect to have as an extra feature.
How ever, have a nice day, kind regards


Thanks for the feedback!