Notes to Agenda

Is there anyway to at least copy or somehow link my notes to agenda. I am new to all of this and I hope I am asking the right way. I really want to just use this instead of the Notes and wanted to see if there was a way to have older notes formatted into my personal agenda acct.

Maybe put some file link to your old notes in your Agenda notes? if I understand the question correctly.

For example, create a new ‘Old notes’ project. Suppose you have a note file /Users/uname/Documents/mynote.txt, then make a new note with title ‘mynote’, go to the main body, ctrl+k and enter file:///Users/uname/Documents/mynote.txt. This gives you a link to mynote.txt.

You can import notes on macOS. It is under File > Import > Apple Notes. We are not able to do this on iOS due to restrictions of Apple.

Note that the import works OK for text, but you won’t get any images or attachments included.


I appreciate your response and taking your time to help me out and I know it was a dumb question after seeing the answer. I am new to Mac and all of these apps. I feel very lucky to have found Agenda. It is extremely useful.

No worries, glad to hear you like Agenda!

Hi Drew,
Is there an option to limit import notes from a specific Apple Notes folder or do you have to import ALL of your Apple Notes (“all or none”)?

I’m in the process of exporting all my notes from Evernote into Apple Notes (to then import them into Agenda).

However, I have MANY Apple Notes (all in folders) but … do not want to import all of them into Agenda! (… I need to clean up my Apple Notes too :wink: )


Right now it’s all notes I’m afraid, we hope to offer more options in this area. One option is to use the Notes exporter app you can find in the Mac App Store and then import the resulting mark down files, that makes it easier to control what goes where.

Thanks for the info.
If (and I mean “if”) I’m able to clean up enough (no longer needed) Notes from Evernote … and there’s a manageable number of them, I plan on exporting each note (from Evernote) as an .html file which is saved inside a folder that also contains any images that were part of that original Note. I just open the .html in Safari browser > select all > copy, then paste into Agenda.
But I will also look into the app you mentioned.
Thanks again!