Notes showing in wrong order in Agenda

What I did: Created a series of new notes from the calendar sidebar (New Note Linked to Event) and assigned them to different projects, included them ‘On The Agenda’.

What happened: The notes appear in ‘On The Agenda’ but are not sorted by date.

What I expected: I expect the order to be 17 October, 14 October and 8 October. Instead they are 14 October, 17 October, Today.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Latest versions on iPad OS, iOS 13 for iPhone and MacOS Catalina. The problem has existed for a number of weeks. I have other similar issues where I can create a note linked to an upcoming Event (occurring the same day the note was created) and if I look at the Project the note says the event starts in 1.5 hours, but if I look in Today, the note does not appear at all.

All of this is making it hard to use Agenda for its main purpose of organising notes based on time.

On the Agenda groups the notes by project first, and then sorts them in each project based on date.

We would like to support the option to sort fully chronologically in future.

Thanks for the feedback!

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