Notes in single project no longer sync

I have an issue in my library. There is a project with 50 notes, where I copy-pasted a huge note in on my Mac. Now, the notes in it no longer sync. Not only the huge note, but also the other notes in that project.

Also, when I explanded that one huge note, Agenda would be “Not Responding” and all I could do what kill Agenda and start again. I did that multiple times, in the end I collaped all notes and then deleted the one huge note.

However, the syncing did not work after this. All the notes in that project still don’t sync from Mac to iOS.

I checked and verified that sync (in both ways) was working for other projects. (Side note: In playing with this sync testing, I also discovered that you even have smart merging for the case when the same note is modified concurrently on two devices. Thank you for that! This is great!)

On my Mac, I created a new project, and moved all the remaining notes from the sync-broken project to the new project, and they synced to iOS as they appeared in the new project. However, the old broken project still contains all of the notes on iOS. So the move did not fully sync through, understandably.

Now I could delete the broken project, but I believe the current status of my data is interesting for your developers. They could find out what a single project is no longer syncing. (I figured I wanted to spend the time to inform you of this so this can be fixed.) Are you interested in this, or do I just delete the project an go on with life?


Hi Klaas,
If I were you, I would just delete that old project on each device. We understand there are limits on data. At some point, there must always be a limit, and it seems you have reached it in that project.

We do have plans to make Agenda capable of syncing more data efficiently, but it will probably be several months before we get to start doing that. It is not a small project.

Kind regards,

The thing is, the single note with the big data is gone, but the project is broken. This seems to me a serious issue that I thought you would be interested in.

I’ll delete the project anyway.

It may not be “broken”, just very very slow. That note you deleted will still be there in the sync data, even though you don’t see it. My guess is that it is just very slow to sync.