Note Title won't enter spaces from an Apple Smart Keyboard

What I did:
Entered a note title with my Apple Smart Keyboard

What happened:
When I try to put a space between words, the carat/cursor goes to the first character position of the title.

What I expected:
A space to be added to the title string

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
v14.0.3 (221), iOS 15.4, iPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen

Can you send us a screenrecording of what you describe?

Sure. When I’m on my iPad and start typing in the title of a note, and hit the space bar, the carat moves to the front of the line.

This happens while I’m using my Apple iPad Smart Keyboard and when I use an external blue tooth keyboard. When I use the on-screen keyboard, it works fine.

Thanks, do you use some accessibility setting? I notice this orange box around the textfield, which I don’t think normally would show?

That was the key to the problem. In accessibility, I have full keyboard access for the extended control command for keyboard shortcuts. The Activate command is the space bar.

I’m not sure why the title bar would be losing focus so that accessibility thinks the space bar is supposed to re-activate it. I’ve disabled that command function for now, and it is working right for both my Apple Smart and Bluetooth keyboards.

Ah ok, that’s explains it then, glad to hear you figured it out!