Note sample instead of whole content

At first I thought it was nice to have notes listed along with their content one after another. It gave the app a nice aesthetic aspect.

Then, I discovered how cumbersome it is to have to scroll all the way past large notes without having a sense of where a note ends and where the next starts. All the other note taking apps only list a title and an excerpt and you have to click to see the full contents. There’s probably a good reason for it.

Also, editing a note while having the others in my face is distracting.

I can see the reason for it. If you’re writing a sort of journal with short notes, then it’s really nice to have a detailed look of them while scrolling through. However, these cases are rare. For most of us, the traditional UI is better suited.

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Having the notes as a continuous timeline is an important aspect of Agenda, making it different to other apps, so we would not get rid of that.

Having said that, there are ways you can control this. You can, for example, collapse long notes. Double click at the top of the note or use the cog menu at the bottom to collapse it down.

You can also use the “jump menu” at the top. Click on the project title at the top, and a list appears to jump to any note. This is effectively the list you were looking for.

Hope that helps!


I’ve found the habit of using the jump bar has made it all much more fluid and is the primary means of navigating for me now!

In addition to what’s already possible today as indicated by @drewmccormack, I want to add that we do have ideas on how to further improve things in the future, stay tuned!

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