Note position on screen

When I click a link in Agenda to an Agenda note, I would expect the selected note,( i.e. the one I clicked through to), to be at the top of the screen.

If the note is one among many notes in a project, that’s what happens.

But it seems if the note is at the bottom of a project, and it’s just a few lines long, the selected note is at the bottom of the screen. It’s a bit disconcerting, and my initial reaction is that I have a broken link - because my eyeballs are on the note at the top of the screen!

This is also the case if the note is at the bottom of On The Agenda, and the link takes me to the note in OTA.

(This is on Mac)

I think you are just seeing the behavior of a scroll view. The scroll view only scrolls as far as the last note in the list. This is the same in most apps with a scroll view (think about the list of emails in your email app).

What exactly would you like to happen? That the note go to the top, and that there is a big gap at the bottom of the list? Would you prefer that you could scroll all note lists up to the point at which the last note hits the top of the window? It would be unusual, but does make some sense.

Thanks for the explanation. It’s not the behaviour when actually scrolling that bothers me. When jumping to a specific note via a link I’d like that note to be at the top of the window, even if that means white space beneath it.

Sure, but jumping to the note and scrolling at the same for a scroll view. By default they stop at the end of the last item.

We’ll think about it. I can see some merit in the idea that the last note should be able to be scrolled to the top of the window when short.

I appreciate that technically they may be the same thing. The issue I have is the loss of mental focus when I click on link to a note called “important thing I’m working on” and I jump to a screen with a note called “something completely different”.

I makes me think the link was broken or I clicked the wrong link. Then I look down the screen and there’s the note I wanted! It breaks my concentration.

I can see your point. The note should be shaded yellow, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. In any case, we’ll take it all on board.

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