Note line context menu anchored in sidebar

Hey Drew & Crew,

Something with the MacOS version I’d like to provide as feedback. I’ve been using Agenda again lately for, more or less, my unstructured agenda. I keep my notes separate in actual markdown because they’re long lived, but this transient stuff works great.

So in doing that, I’ve noticed that I have to edit many different lines. Sometimes I’m making headings, and often I’m making checklists. This is usually something like write 7 lines, and when you review it, 2 are actionable.

So land the plane… the point here is that I think it would be very appropriate to have an option to turn on the “Left-click text line context menu” into the sidebar. Specifically, show Styles, Indentions, Lists, Tags, and People in one vertical column. Bonus points for being able to turn on and off each of the 5 sections, but that’s picky.

A bad example would be to open Pages in a blank, default view. You’ll see the text tools running alongside the page. I’m imagining the same, on the lower left, in a compact version. I wouldn’t change a thing with the actual UI element “circle at the beginning of a line”. Just have it visible all the time as an option.

It’s an interesting idea. I suspect it would just take too much window real estate for this type of app. Pages is a desktop publishing app, so style is everything. With a note taking app like this, you usually use a shortcut or Touch Bar to drop into a list, and then add 10 items with no changes to style etc.

We did want to have the text controls there, which explains the paragraph popover, but having them visible all the time would probably distract from the most important stuff.

In any case, appreciate the feedback. Will take it on board.

Cool. Not comparing Pages by function; it was just visually similar. I would also suggest this be off by default. Could even be just a breakout window instead of sidebar. Anyhow, thanks for listening, and keep up the good stuff. :slight_smile:

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