Note information?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t find a way to access a note’s information: creation and modification dates, number of words/ characters etc.

(Bear offers this info for each note. I’ve got used to having it available.)

I try to remember to add a creation date to each note, but sometimes I forget.

If Agenda does yet offer note information, could you consider adding this? It would be immensely helpful…

Thank you. :slight_smile:


There’s currently no way to see this kind of metadata for a note, we hope to allow you to inspect it at some point.
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Is there an update to this, or maybe a workaround? I only just discovered that I can attach today’s date automatically to new notes and of course I can retroactively attach dates to older notes, but I can’t do that based on when I actually created those notes.

Is there an export / re-import possibility, where the creation time stamps get exported with the notes and when I reimport them they will automatically populate the fields that are used for the ‘today’ feature?

Cheers & smiles, Kai.

You can find this via the circle to left of title (on iOS), the “info”. Right click on Mac.