Not getting all features even though purchased the app

What I did: Purchased Agenda a few years ago.

What happened: I am having trouble with my account (this happened last May as well and was then resolved after emailing your company). I am getting the message “your period of new premium feature unlock has lapsed.”

What I expected: To have all features available.

You get new features for one year after purchase. Renew again if and when you feel it is worth upgrading. No more renting an app forever. When you buy it you get a year’s worth of upgrades, AND ongoing bug fixes, AND you get to keep using it even after the year is up.

Indeed, it sounds like the 12 month period after your purchased and during which you would receive any new premium features for free has passed by. You will keep all those features you received, but if you’d like to get also those released after your 12 month period, you’ll have to purchase those (it will again include a 12 month period following your purchase).

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