Not all projects sync between iPad and iPhone using iCloud Drive

New user trying to figure out synching issue. With iCloud Drive enabled on iPad Pro and iPhone 7 Plus only selected projects are syncing between the two devices. I created three projects that are in the “Other Projects” folder. Two of the three do not sync; one sync’s fine in real time. There is nothing obviously different in the other two projects that I can pinpoint as the problem. Both devices are using IOS 12.2 and Agenda 5.3. Deleting and reinstalling projects on the iPhone does not correct the problem. Any suggestions?

If you add a note to one of the problem projects, does it sync over?

One thing you could try is turning off sync inside Agenda on both devices, and removing the cloud data when asked. Then turn the sync back on, one device at a time, waiting about 10 minutes between.

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Adding a note to projects that could be viewed both on the iPad and iPhone synched fin. Adding a note to a project unique to the iPad did not show on the iPhone.

Turning off sync and erasing iCloud data for both devices then waiting 10 minutes restored projects / notes that were missing to iPhone. I went ahead and added data to same note on the iPad then another sentence in the iPhone and both units synched up within a few seconds.

It would appear that the problem is resolved at least for now. I will keep monitoring and will let you know if it reoccurs. Thanks!

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Glad to hear that, let us know if any issues return.