No reminder title when creating reminders

What I did: Tried to create a reminder

What happened: Displayed the reminder icon but no text

What I expected: The title of my reminder would be displayed next to the timer icon. Otherwise I have to click every task to find out what it is and close it.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): V6.0 MacOS

See attached screen cam

I think that’s a good observation.

A different approach perhaps: I usually put reminder next to an existing note – in your screen cam the reminder is standing alone on its own line. When the reminder is next to an existing note, then the note’s text is also the reminder’s text, so no issue knowing what reminder I’m working with.

Thanks Konetidy…. I hadn’t realised that was the intended behaviour.

so my example about would be crated as a nate that says

Some task \remind

Will try and work that into my workflow

Exactly, the idea is to put the reminder at the end of a line, then
a) the \remind command will take the text of the line as the suggested title, saving you a lot of typing, and
b) as the reminder is then on the line, you also have the reference to what the reminder is about