No full width image option

I’m using the latest version of agenda I believe (on both a Mac and an ipad) and yet I don’t seem to have actual full width … I have the same problem shown in the screenshot above. How do I actually get my images using the full width of the note writing area (when I chose that option)?

Have you purchased the premium features package? Full width images are only available when you have that unlocked.

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Understood, but yes. I had that on day one with Agenda :-). However, it doesn’t seem to work.

Ah, OK, I think I see the issue. Agenda will put a maximum height on images, to make them workable. So what is happening is that you are hitting that maximum height, and it is contracting the image to make it fit, which makes it narrower.

We will take a look. Perhaps it is possible to increase this height constraint.


Thanks. It would be good to have that dialable :slight_smile:

Hmm. Some instances today suggest that some “inherent resolution” must be in play too. I have just pasted an image that is nearly full width but very tall (much taller than other figures, so whatever limit on height is in play didn’t kick in here) … I suspect the source is very high resolution.

Is the full width somehow using some dpi resolution metadata?

(I don’t particularly expect an answer, but include this FYI.)

Thanks for the info. I believe Agenda will assume the screen resolution, usually 2x these days. So if you have 100px wide image, it will appear as 50 points wide on screen to get the retina resolution.

ok, that makes sense, but is probably not the “right thing to do" (IMHO), insofar as the retina resolution shouldn’t be defining the size the user wants to see. I think the concept of “full width” should mean, “display my image at the full column width, regardless of the pixel size of my image”. You might want a different notion for “at retina resolution”.

I guess we could consider allowing it to expand up to 1x resolution. I don’t see much point in taking a stamp sized image and making it full width. Would be a blurry mess. But sizing up to 1x would make sense. Will consider.

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I have realised, somewhat belatedly, that “full width” is very device dependent, which is consistent with your explanation of what it means … some thing are full width on my ipad, and not on my monitor display. I do think you want to have the same outcome for this sort of thing, whatever the display.

(Clearly I am not advocating this should be your top development priority, but it’d be a nice thing to fix next time you are in the bowels of this part of the code :-). )

It’s not possible to have the same display for every device. The screen sizes are different, the resolutions are different, etc. Text looks different, and images have to adjust too to some extent. That’s just a fact of life in our multi-screen lives.

What I think we will try to do is have images expand up to 1x pixel resolution, instead of the retina size they usually have now. We’ll consider that, and it should help.

Thanks for the feedback, but I have to admit I don’t understand it. The column width is obviously whatever it is on any display. You must be able to know how many pixels that is, and so, if I choose “full width”, i would have thought that be straight forward to deliver … but you clearly think different, and so that’s fine. I can live with that (I’m not a mac developer after all :slight_smile:)

It’s fine, if you don’t mind a blurry unviewable image. That’s the issue here: how much do we blow-up an image? I think blowing up to 1x pixel resolution should be fine, and we should do that. But if you want all images at full width, very small images will be unviewable. They will become blurry messes.