Nitpick: “•” over “-” for an unordered bullet list

I recommend this change because sometimes a “-” for a bullet is confused with a minus sign, a dash (as punctuation) or many other text editing uses of “-” whereas a dot is not normally used in text (at least not frequently in English writing).

I realized that all unordered lists in this forum are marked in dots (writing in Markdown).

  • Unordered item 1;
  • Unordered item 2;
  • Unordered item 3.

We do want to add other options for bullets in future.


Yes, a hyphen is not a great piece of punctuation when it’s abused so much. A dash (– or —) would be better, but as you say a dot (•) is excellent.

I am pretty sure what we use is an en-dash. The markdown shortcut is a hyphen, but that changes to an en-dash.

Adding multiple options such as a “bullet” vs. “-“ would be very helpful. What would be great (perhaps a separate topic here) is updateing the “outline” took to be smarter… it it did a hierarchical outline since as Roman numerals, capitals letters, numbers, lowercase letters etc. on demand by using the tab key, this would be exponentially helpful. At this point I have to force the formatting line by line… which takes time and makes the application less useful.

+1 for bullets or at least options.

Thank you