Next 10 days filter is showing 11 days

When I click Next 10 days filter to search for notes it actually present Today together with the next 10 days so it is 11 days filter at the end. Is it the right behavior?
I expected that using this filter I will see next 10 days starting from tomorrow.

I refer to Agenda 13 on iPad Pro with iPadOS 14.4.2. There is the same issue on iPhone and Mac.


I think there’s simply ambiguity in how you can interpret “next 10 days”, does it mean indeed this plus the next 9, the next 10 days or, tomorrow + 9 days. I guess we should change it to the first while currently it’s doing the second.

I’m afraid it’s not working as you mentioned. Because Agenda is showing 11 days which is Today plus next 10 days. I prepared a cleaned version of calendar to show it below.

If you decide to keep Next 10 days as a first option you mentioned which is Today plus next 9 days, it will look like this.

What was my expectation as a user who is clicking the button Next 10 days is to exclude Today and show me tomorrow and next 9 days = next 10 days. Like on the screen below.

I hope it is clear now and you can see why I was a bit confused when using Next 10 days option :slight_smile:


Hi Darek, yes I see what you mean now, we’ll have a look if this can be improved. Thanks!

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