New updates, when?



@drewmccormack @mekentosj
Waiting for new updates!
But until when ?


Summer break is over, expect some very soon…


Then the next 2-3 weeks.


Mind you that updates first go through a beta test cycle before they hit the regular update notification.


“Summer break” ??
Doesn’t sound very professional…


We’re two people and have worked pretty much non stop from the end of last year to the point where we launched the iOS app and subsequently won the design award in June, we figured we deserved a few weeks of holidays like everybody else…


I can see it rubbed you the wrong way:) But every time someone proclaims their “right” to vacation, weekend or holidays especially if it is on my expense (I have to wait for them), then It rubs me the wrong way.
You can do what you want ofc. It is your product. But “deserve” doesn’t come into the equation at any point. It is an attitude of employee and not of the director/owner of a project. In the world of real money there is no weekend and no holidays, the competition are not waiting while you have your free time.
And comparing yourself to everybody else is also counterproductive. If they stop fighting or working then it doesn’t mean you can or should too. As all inspirational speakers will tell you.
But I think I understand it is not a “summer break” as such, but just a break after finally completing a big project. And if that is the case then you can delete this whole speech :slight_smile:


Correct, and one that happens to be in the summer, hence its name :wink:


A well-deserved, well-earned rest — welcome back! I see there’s movement afoot on the iOS side with yesterday’s Test Flight release. Thank you :clap::clap: