New categories not appearing

What I did: Added a new category

What happened: The catergory was created, but does not appear in the sidebar. I therefore set it up again, and now have multiple copies of the same catergory (although now of the instances show in the side bar).

Trying to delete other existng categories brings up a confirmation warning, but clicking on either Cancel or Delete Catergory do nothing - Box is stuck on the screen.

I can replicate this on both iMac and MBP

What I expected: Catergory to appear in sidebar

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

This is lastest v2 of Agenda, from MAS

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Does the problem go away if you quit Agenda and launch again?

Hmm… Oddly it does!

I think what probably happened was an internal crash, leaving the app in a semi-working state. After that, things that you saw were due to the original problem. Relaunching usually fixes that type of issue.

I had this issue recently as well. Restarting it fixed it.

Issue still persists, although the Categories appear upon relaunching of the app.

Are you sure you are using version 2.2.1?

I am on 2.1.1… where can I go to update Agenda? No update seems to be available on the Mac App Store, nor is there any CTA in the app.

Apologies, you are on the latest, my mistake. How exactly are you creating the new categories? Using the plus icon, right click, file menu or a mix?

Both… but I can’t recall which method I used to recreate the issue the most recent time… I want to say using the + icon.

Please see my thread here:
New Categories not appearing in sidebar - #5 by mekentosj

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Ok, thanks, we’ll keep investigating, let us know if you find more pieces of evidence that might help.

Will do, thanks.

Jin Hwang
InMobi Product Manager | LinkedIn
15420 Laguna Canyon Rd. #200
Irvine, CA, 92618

I am on v2.11 and am hitting this also. I created the new category using the “+” in the bottom left corner. Category isn’t visible until I restart Agenda.

Can you tell anything that could indicate when this happens or not? Is it always? Irrespective of via the plus button or via the File menu? When any project is selected, etc etc

It happens with the plus sign or File menu, and it doesn’t seem to matter what project is selected.

I am on macOS High Sierra (10.13.3), by the way.

same here, creating new category doesn’t show up at all. Dragging projects into another category will not remove the old location and also doesn’t show up in the new location. Restart works, but somehow, creating few empty projects (maybe due to the repetitive tries).

This sounds like it is probably caused by some internal crash. Would be great if the next time you see it, you go into the Console app and see if there is any error there from Agenda. Also, if you see it happen, try the drag you mention, and see if that prints any error in Console.

no problem. I will update again if I encounter those errors. seems to be good for now after I restarted the app totally.

The same situation happened with me just now. Macbook Pro 2017, Agenda v2.1.1 added via + and by File New Category. I have 3 categories all called the same thing not visible in side bar. I’ll close and restart yet this is something within the app. Thanks!

We have found what’s causing this issue and it will be fixed in the next update. A restart of the app is the current solution. Also, be aware that the most likely scenario to run into this is if you hide the sourcelist sidebar, avoiding that also reduces the chance of hitting the issue.