New bullet points



Here’s something that I would like to be added to Agenda. It’s something very simple, but that I like a lot from Bear. I use them all the time. It should be easy to add.



Not sure this adds much over the dashes we use in the default lists setup?


I must admit an early reaction of my own was very similar, but now I’ve got used to the dashes I actually like them just as well as bullet points - they indent the same way, and I think they look quite stylish. The [] command to make a checklist button works well, too!


I use checklists more than anything. With them I “check” off things as I complete them. And when I need multi step checking, (for example, product ordered, and then received) I use the checklist to show ordered, then indent it to show it received. I love Agenda! But more than that, I love the “customer service” and interaction with the developers, even by name! These guys are the best!