My dilemma

As a long time user of Agenda on the iPad and iPhone I have been watching with interest the comments on your new pricing models. I used to be a Premium user on these platforms and was happy to pay each year. I now find out that my only options are a lifetime upgrade, or a yearly payment which will include Mac OSX, or of course to not get any new features going forward.

My natural instinct was to go for the lifetime option, I have always been happy to support the team and trust this would help with development going forward (not that I think there is a need in any particular area, the current version of Agenda has all the features I really need already).

The only reason I have not committed to future upgrades relates to the Mac. I have recently been developing websites using RapidWeaver on the Mac and thought I would use Agenda on the Mac for some of my content creation. This turned out to be a very frustrating experience however, due to the lack of auto capitalisation (where the first word in a sentence automatically gets a capital letter), a feature I have been used to on my iPad for years. On my Mac it works on Pages, Notes and Ulysses but not on Agenda. Is there anything I can do to have the same functionality on the Mac version as I currently enjoy on my iPad? The Mac is an M1 MacBook Air running the latest OSX version, and Agenda also the latest version.

Thank you for taking the time to read this (overly long) post.

But, Agenda haven’t abandoned their “cartridge model” (refill only when you want). I wonder where this confusion is coming from :thinking:

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No, I understand that - don’t get me wrong I think the guys are doing a great job and I wish to support them. What they have abandoned, though, is an iOS/iPad only option (which obviously used to be considerably cheaper) so now the only option if I wish to continue supporting and getting new features is a ‘one size fits all’ option which includes the Mac. As I have already pointed out the Mac side of things isn’t working well for me, so this is where I am conflicted. Either way, thanks for taking the time to reply :+1:t3:

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There are two separate points to your dilemma.

First, the feature you are missing is there as well on Mac, simply turn on spell checking while you type (and grammar checking – note that this requires the pointer to be blinking in a note, after which it will remember it for subsequent edits in any other notes as well):

The other part has to do with the iOS/iPadOS only option that was removed:

What they have abandoned, though, is an iOS/iPad only option (which obviously used to be considerably cheaper) so now the only option if I wish to continue supporting and getting new features is a ‘one size fits all’ option which includes the Mac.

Originally we introduced the iOS only option because we felt that the price was rather steep for someone only working on an iPhone, and given that technically the iOS app is the same for iOS and iPadOS, there was no way to discriminate between the two and therefore you could also go for the cheap version if you’d use an iPad.

Now this was back when we introduced Agenda 5 years ago, since then two things happened.
First, frankly very few people use Agenda only on an iPhone, i.e. without having either a Mac or iPad alongside. We concluded that such a setup probably doesn’t make much sense indeed.

More importantly in the context of this thread, in the past years the iPad has come a long way as a device that can truly compete as a replacement for say a Mac. It has become a lot more powerful, and Apple added many productivity features, which means in practise that there isn’t much difference between using a phone + Mac, vs phone + iPad. The iPad is pretty much a Mac without a keyboard (and many even use it with the various detachable keyboard and trackpad options, like a smart keyboard).

Which led us to say, why would it be fair to allow someone who uses an iPhone and an iPad to get the same value for a lot less than someone who uses an iPhone and a Mac? Taken together we decided to just make a single plan that includes all platforms.

Of course you can then ask the question, why didn’t you lower the price for iPhone + Mac, instead of raising the price for iPhone + iPad, but this is where the other parts come into play that I talk about in the YouTube video about the pricing changes, i.e. making sure that Agenda as an independent app from a small app maker team can continue to be sustainable and continue to exist and be further developed in the future.

Hope that gives some more insight into the changes we made.


Hi Alexander

With regard to point one of your reply - what can I say! The screenshot you included was indeed the first place I looked to try and resolve my problem on the Mac, all the options were ticked as you show in your screenshot but it didn’t work - no spelling substitutions, no autocorrect, it was horrible to work with as a text editor. Because of this I then looked on Apple forums and found a few people having problems with auto correct on Ventura so I tried rebooting, opening in Safe Mode etc and still nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled Agenda, still it did not work at which point I posted on your forum.

When I received your reply I once again visited these settings and….it is working. I don’t know how or why, or what can possibly have changed but I don’t care, it is working as I always wanted it too :slightly_smiling_face:

Which brings me to point two of your reply. This is now a non issue for me as I can see the value in having updates across all platforms, my only niggle was a Mac app that offered me less than my iPad one. This is now not the case so you can expect a lifetime subscription coming your way in the next couple of days.

Although this has potentially wasted time for both of us I am glad I posted in the forum as the problem is no more.

Many thanks



My computer is not a computer :wink:

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Glad to hear the auto-corrections now work as it should, and THANK YOU for the support! :+1: :pray:

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