My change of mind for Apple Pencil support

I love handwriting on my iPad, especially note taking. Note taking, I automatically think of handwriting them vs typing. There are tons of note apps like Notability, OneNote, Gaodnofes, etc. I bought Agenda in November, 2018. Because I couldn’t handwrite notes here, I didn’t use it as much as I’d like until now. Back story time. I wanted to use the Apple Pencil more with hand writing but didn’t know how. I upgraded my phone to a Note 9 a few months ago. To the point, inherently within Samsung’s keyboard, any app where you could enter text, I could handwrite that text and it would automatically convert it to text. I wondered how I could do this on my iPad. Turns out Apple needs a handwriting keyboard. Apple does not. Automatic handwriting conversion to text is Apples responsibility specifically on the iPad. IPhone users don’t care about this. The Agenda creators should not have to create this for their app. They also should not create something like Notability for their app. Right now I am using an app called Maze to write this post. It’s a handwriting keyboard app. Now, the only my only request is to be able to mark up PDF’s and images. I don’t care so much now about handwriting conversion or Notability like writing. Good job on creating a great app so far. I am sure it’s difficult trying to digest all the suggestions.


Thanks for the detailed feedback.

We do plan to support drawing/handwriting in the near future. It will not be converted to text however; for that you are still better with the keyboard.

Stay tuned!