Multiple Note Pages as Tabs

Hi Agenda Team,

Is it possible to toggle between multiple notes via somekind of tab? Even be able to have at least two up at a time/side x side.



Not sure I understand your question, you mean as in multiple windows or during print?

Hi there, sorry for the confusion. As in, the ability to view and edit within two windows at a time.

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We have ideas in this direction, stay tuned!


I also think it would be great to have different ‘View Tabs’.

I use Typora for Markdown notetaking (i.e. journalling), and Agenda for tasks. Typora supports different tabs similarily to Safari or Chrome (open a new tab with CMD + T). It would be great to go between two different set of Agenda notes in order to copy content when you want to move or duplicate content from within notes rather than moving/duplicating the entire note itself.