Moving daily tasks

Is there a way to migrate all unfinished tasks to today’s daily note?

I’d like the tasks to stay in their original location but be marked as closed and migrated to a daily note and then for them to appear as open tasks on that note.

And this point there’s no automated way of doing this. It comes back to offering an overview of unchecked items, as well as some ideas we have to create more advanced overviews and view options. In the mean time it might be helpful to make use of the Edit > Checklist > Move checked items to bottom option, which then makes it easier to copy the unchecked items to a new note.

Thank you.

I’m basically trying to choose between three apps:

Agenda - Nice UI, mature product
Noteplan - Offers this task / todo management capability and is catching up on the Agenda calendar capabilities
Bear - No calendar, but absolutely great note taking capability and provides a search across tasks

It would be great to know when you update the task/todo management capabilities.

Keep up the good work.


No ETA yet I’m afraid, but definitely in our top-10.