Missing Notes

What I did:Prepared several notes on iPad Agenda app.

What happened: Went to open them again and they are missing from the project. I can see that there is a note on the project with the last edited time but no content included.

What I expected: To be able to open the notes and not have my content missing.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iPad version of Agenda, iPad OS 13.3

Does it help if you force quit the app and start it again? See https://www.imore.com/how-force-quit-apps-iphone-ipad


yes I tried that but no difference unfortunately.

Have you looked for the notes elsewhere? Eg. In the Bin? Is it possible they got moved by accident?

In addition to the question from Drew, are you sure the note is not collapsed (only showing the title)? And do you sync with other devices and does it show empty there as well?

I am also suffering a simular issue where the note content is empty

I performed a global search on some of the words that were in the missing content and nothing came back.

Checked that the note is not collapsed - it just shows “Empty Note” underneath the project.

This is synced with Agenda on Mac (Catalina 10.15.1) and the note is empty there as well.

Was this as well originally a new note where you added all content in one go?

Two seperate notes with content added on two different occasions.

And on which end where they edited after which the content disappeared? Also, did you collapse these notes at some point? And/or do you have collapsed notes in the same project?

Editing only on the iPad from what I remember.

No collapsing of notes at all.

Do you remember how you added content? Did you type some paragraphs, or paste some text from somewhere else, for example?

It was all typed in on the iPad.

Hi, I also faced the similar situation.

I use two Mac. At first I made the empty note by Mac A,
then I put some paragraphs on the same note by Mac B.

After that, I checked the note on Mac A but the note was empty. In addition, the note of Mac B was synced to the empty note ( = the all text were erased and only the title was remained).

Sometimes I connected two Mac to the internet at a time, and sometimes I connected only one Mac to the internet (and the other is on the sleepmode).

In both case, I losted some notes.

I think this is almost the same case of Mark’s one.


This sounds excatly like my issue.

I often create a note with a title to come back to. I did this on my iMac.

Later that day I added content to the note on my macbook, but on returning to my iMac the note was empty. This then synced to all devices and the note was lost.

Thanks, that’s helpful and seems the common denominator indeed. We’ll do further testing. Also, the 9.1 release that just went into beta might already resolve things as it has some fixes for issues with merging notes we identified.

I may have opened Agenda on my Mac after adding the notes on the iPad. I don’t remember adding or editing any notes on the Mac however.

But did you follow the same pattern of first creating an empty note on one machine, just with a title, then editing the note on another device?