Missing invitees

I’ve been testing actions and it looks like there is a problem with event attendees: for events where I invited a single person, the attendee list is empty. For events with more people, one attendee seems to always go missing from the ones I tested so far. Is this a known issue?

Are you sure this missing person isn’t the one representing yourself?

No. E.g., I was the organizer and invited two people. Only one would show up in the note.

Ok, in that case something is going wrong indeed, I’ll investigate.

I’ll second this issue as I just saw this on a templete I used for a meeting I was setting up for today. I had 4 other people I had invited (using Fantastical). When I was setting up the note using a template [using \event-notes(invtees)] it included 3 individuals only.

Would it be possible to share an example with a screenshot both of the invitees on the original calendar invite and how it ends up in Agenda?

Interesting as I went back to recreate what happened yesterday. I opened the previous event in Fantastical to verify the invitees. I then created a new note in Agenda using the same template and now all names come in fine. Whatever was happening works itself out over time it would appear.

Hmm, that’s odd. Would be good to know if it returns and if so, what the differences are.

I’ll see if I can share something but it’s hard because I use Agenda for work and it could be construed as a data breach… I’ll see if I can reproduce it with a fake event with fake participants.

Perfect, appreciated!

I can replicate this well. But only sometimes.

We’ve made some changes in the upcoming Agenda 13.1 update (now in beta), could you let us know if you still see these issues after moving to this version?

Can do! Thanks

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