Missing Features for Professional Use

I really like Agenda and I purchased the current premium features to support further development, but there are still quite a lot of things missing. Please consider them for your ToDo list. Thanks in advance.

  1. End to End Encryption—everything in agenda needs to be encrypted before it is saved to iCloud.
  2. Support for Markdown Tables.
  3. Backticks should be interpreted as in Markdown—i.e. delimiting inline code or, if on separate lines, code blocks.
  4. Collapsing a note should be possible by clicking an element of the GUI. I accidentaly found out it was possible to achieve by doubleclicking next to the title but it should be visible somewhere.
  5. Find & Replace function within a note would be helpful. Need to search long notes, and sometimes replace the search term.
  6. Regex search, pretty please. POSIX extended, if possible.
  7. iCloud sharing (just like sharing Apple Notes)
  8. When I change date(s) in the sidebar calendar, I’d expect to see notes filtered according to the date(s) selected—however nothing happens. It is rather cumbersome to remember to go to Search All, click calendar icon and go on from there—it should work from the sidebar too.
  9. It would be great to be able to create printing templates, possibly even including company logos etc. I started using Agenda to prepare company documents, however I don’t want the e.g. the Category name printed on top of every document, I don’t need the dashes between notes, can’t have page numbering in English, etc. On the other hand, company logo in the header and company details in the footer would be nice to have.

There are a few more things, like the iOS App, but I saw you’ve got that in your ToDo already.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve tried a few of these.

#1 - Apple uses physical encryption so I don’t think this is part of Agenda You can implement other 3rd party solutions for this
#3 - That seems to be a very specific industry based request (i.e. for a coder)
#5 - If you are already going to the trouble of highligting a single note to search on, then just do a regular Cmd-F and put in the term. That will locate everything in that note. Once it exits to another note, you’re done.
#7 - You already can do this and it works very well across devices
#8 - Again more of a personal preference than a “Professional Use”
#9 - Sounds like a separate product down the road(i.e. Report Writer) that would be sold separately and allows you to edit an exported file the way you want.

Rest are good ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Certainly plenty of good ideas. I think we have most on our list, or have at least considered them.

Just clarify a couple of things here:

#3 You can already use backticks in line for fixed width formatting. We don’t support code blocks yet though. Few technical challenges, but maybe someday.
#7 I guess you to share a note between multiple users, such that if any edits, it goes to others. We have this on our radar.
#8 The related info panel is designed for related info, not for filtering. The natural place for filtering is the search bar, and that is where you can apply a date filter. You can also save that as an overview if you do it often (eg “Notes for the coming week”)
#9 Interesting idea. Not a priority, but we’ll consider this down the track.

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+1 on the ToDo list

Thanks for the answer. I’ve got a few more suggestions for your ToDo:

  1. Split/Merge Existing Notes. Of course I can use Cut/Paste, but it is quite clumsy.
  2. Markdown Horizontal Line (three dashes/asterisks/underscores alone on a line, optionally separated by spaces),
  3. Templates (so I don’t need to remember to include everything in a specific kind of a note—I just click “Minutes” and a new note with appropriate tags and a predefined skeleton appears),
  4. Easy way to import invited people names from attached calendar entries (when you need to include Attendees in your minutes). Seems it is automatically imported when you connect an empty note to a calendar event, however when you had already written something in it, connecting to an event doesn’t import anything.
  5. Make it possible to link a note to several disjunctive dates (e.g. you prepare a To Do list and want it to appear in the Today list only on certain future dates when you plan to check how much of the list had been done),
  6. Clicking on a #tag or a @person should create a search for that tag/person in Search All. Or at least it should be possible from context menu when right clicking on a #tag or a @person.
  7. How do you filter out done notes from search results? Say I need to search for all notes that mention a @person, but I am not interested in the notes I marked as done.
  8. Is there any way to search for check list items that had not yet been marked done?
  9. Is there any way to insert space in a @person name? Tried enclosing it in quotes, tried non-breakable space, neither works.

Thanks in advance for considering these.


+1 for the Templates. I think that would be very useful for repetitive tasks.


Templates would be great!


Thanks for the feedback. Think we have seen all of these suggestions before, and several are certainly on our list. Will get to them after our big ticket features (iOS and images).


Insert horizontal line.