Missing Check for Updates option



I dont have any “Check for updarte option”?

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That’s probably because you use the Mac App Store version, the version you can download from agenda.com does have it.


Darn. I thought that might the case. Can I just replace the one with the other?


Yes, that’s no problem, make sure you have create an agenda account in the MAS version first, then download the app from our website and log in with your account again.


Sweet. All good now. Thank you!

Help us Beta Test Agenda

The download button on agenda.com page has no link. Is it only me ? Thanks. Julien


The download button on agenda.com1 page has no link. Is it only me ? Thanks. Julien

Which browser are you using? It downloads fine for me, are you using an ad blocker?


I’m using Firefox. And I do have an ad blocker. Let me try to deactivate the ad blocker then


The deacivation of the ad blocker did not do it. But I tried with Safari and it works. Thanks for your help. Best Julien


I use Safari and the button does not work for me.


Are you using an ad blocker?


It finally worked but after trying at different times. Then, it became available on the App Store. When will the iOS version come out. I urgently need it.



Glad to hear it worked in the end, regarding the iOS version, see this forum post: