A couple things would be very useful, perhaps they already exist but I am just unaware? As a leader, I frequently have 1:1 meetings with folks on my team. Throught the course of a day of talking with people, I have notes that reference projects, people, etc. Search provides a great mechanism to find information that I’m looking for but what would make things very useful is if projects and people that I tag or @ in various notes would be referenced in those projects (as a Mention: , or something better).

My current workflow makes me define people as projects, is this what is recommended?

We do support people tags. Just type @Drew or @(Drew McCormack) to get one. Those tags can be searched for, and you can save the searches to become permanent overviews in the side bar. The tags are also used for matching in creating the related notes list.

We hope to integrate these tags with Apple Contacts in future, and have a large revamp of searching also planned.

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I manage projects and people. Meetings about Projects result in discussions about People. Meetings with People result in discussions about Projects. This is not one to one.

I guess what I’m looking for are a few things:

  1. Person as first class objects (like Projects)
  2. Each Person, in addition to having notes from 1 on 1’s etc. would have references to other notes the Person was mentioned in.
  3. Each Project, in addition to having notes from Project meetings, etc. would have references to other notes the Project was referenced in.

This would create a nice consolidated view that I could use when reviewing notes over the past week (or whatever timeframe)

Does this make sense?

I think that if you use @ person tags, other notes with the same person tag will show up in “related notes”. Not exactly what you’re looking for, but might help.

We may improve these aspects in future, but for now, the “Related Notes” list will try to match notes that share common tags and links etc. This could be very useful to you.

You can also make searches for tags and people tags, and save those as an overview. If you want to find everything that @Bob is mentioned in, you could go straight to the Bob overview.

Note exactly what you want, but with the overviews and related notes, I think you could already go a long way.